We use Olympic-style target archery, that has a core content that covers the following: archery history, safety, technique, equipment, mental concentration and self-improvement. Participant safety is our top priority.                                                                     
Students shoot bulls-eye targets, placed in front of  them  at various distances. Targets are in
front of a arrow resistant net. Equipment is state of the art, designed for safety, and to fit everyone.

Participants will learn the history of archery through lecture, including challenges to investigate the topic on their own. All first-time participants will receive a National Alliance for the Development of Archery handbook on Drills and Skills.

We incorporate the outdoors by learning about the variety of animals in our region. Students learn to identify animals by the way they look, the habits they form and by the foot prints they leave.

Orion Archery believes in learning how to live with and conserve our natural resources for all generation to enjoy.
- Provide students with the opportunity to explore the life time sport of archery.
Demonstrate safe archery skills.
- Develop life long archery skills.
- Learn effective communication, cooperation, rules, and respect for the group.
- Using practice to improve skills and to reach goals.
- Good sportsmanship as participant and as spectators at events.
- To serve as stewards for the natural resources and the outdoor community.